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Due to the new coronavirus, there has been a surge in demand for safety protective equipment such as masks and protective clothing and therefore, production is not meeting the demand currently.
Some of our products are out of stock and it is difficult to accept orders.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.
We sincerely ask for your kind understanding.


Office, Tape, Cleaning Supplies
Office Supplies
OA, PC Supplies
Cleaning Supplies and Detergents
Ink and Toner
Air-Conditioning, Ventilations and Air Conditioners
Scientific Research, Development Products
Research Related Supplies, Laboratory Necessities
Glass, Resin, Metal Containers
Measuring and Dispensing Syringe Pipetter Eye Droppers
Water Examination and Soil Inspection [Ph, etc]
Fractionation, Separation, Extraction and Filtration
Stirring, Pulverizing and Mixing
Bio, Food (Fungus) Related Goods
Analysis, Environment and Measurement Tools
Heating, Cooling, and Cooler Boxes
Cleansing, Sterilization, Cleaning, Sanitary and Disposal
Pure Water Production, Pure Water Related Products
Storage, Facility and Handling Equipment
Cleanroom Booths, Benches
Bearings, Mechanical Parts, Casters
Bearings, Transmission Equipment
Mechanical Parts
Screws, Bolts, Nails, Material
Screws, Bolts and Nails
Materials - Cut Sheet, Plate, Rod, Pipe, and Sheets
Air Conditionings, Electric Facilities, Piping, Plumbing Equipments Products
Piping, Plumbing Equipment Products
Air-Conditioning and Electric Facility Materials
Pumps and Blowers
Kitchen Equipment, Supplies
Stainless Container, Food Container, and Cooking Auxiliary (Cookware)
Kitchen Equipment, Facility, and Cooking Machinery
Pots, Pans, Knives, and Cookware
Café, Bar Supplies
Cling Film, Consumables, Disposable Container, and Tableware (Packaging Materials)
Tableware (Fixtures and Plateware)
Display Slip (Stores and Accounting Supplies)
Confectionery and Bakery Supplies
Picnic Supplies
Service Supplies (Banquet Wear and Self Service)